About us

The perfect match

At 'Shoe n Bag' we want to make putting together the perfect outfit easier without breaking the bank. We all know how important the right pair of shoes and matching bag are when perfecting your look, yet they are such a challenge to find. At 'Shoe n Bag' we want to remove the frustrating hours this can take and make sure our clients can buy a fabulous shoe with a bag designed to match in one easy purchase.   Which is why Larissa Howell, a young up and coming designer, entrepreneur and most importantly a lover of fashion created and established 'Shoe n Bag', a range of co-ordinating shoes and bags designed for any occasion and offering customers the perfect match for their perfect outfit.

All you need to do is pick your favourite style and your matching Shoe n Bag will be delivered to your door, completing your perfect look........

What could be easier?